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                                                     Thank you for your interest in the Art Classes.


                                                      We offer unique, professional and well organized courses, with multiple                                                               benefits, that participants will remember for a long time.


                                                      These courses are a save and fun way to connect to the joy of being                                                                     creative. We will provide all the supplies, as well as inspiration. No                                                                       experience or knowledge is necessary, or otherwise it will beautifully add                                                             to any skills.


                                                      Through easy demonstrations we will guide each person to create a                                                                     watercolor painting, that will be their unique expression of seeing and                                                                   choosing color, design and composition. Each person will connect to their                                                           creative source, the people around, experiencing joy, adventure, accomplishment and fun. Soothing Indian flute music will create the background for a delightful time, a retreat from busy lives, remembered by a beautiful piece of art to take home .

The experience is educational as well as entertaining and suits any kind of gathering. 

Any of our events can be tailored to a small or large group of people, a specific theme, people from all walks of life, children, adults or any combination of the above.


For more information, availability or our price list, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

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